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Establish an internal compliance and training program related to the hiring and employment verification process, including completion of Form I-9...

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U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement

It is important to note that a company having a strong compliance plan, including regularly scheduled self-audits, will have a lower likelihood of being charged with civil or criminal penalties should any infractions be uncovered during a government audit.

While a well developed and implemented compliance plan will help toward a mitigating adjustment due to "good faith" efforts, it will not abate "ignorance of the law". To that end, there are several options to which your company can commit.

Form I-9 Process & Policy Evaluation

The first step in any level of process management is to evaluate your current program and policy. Your program needs an overall policy as a measure and guide for the processes applied. We will help you review and verify that your company's current policy provides clear guidance on:

  • Safeguards against discrimination.
  • Who is allowed to process or otherwise handle Forms I-9.
  • Provisions for staff training, both initial and refresher courses.
  • Protocols in the event of a government Form I-9 audit.
  • Compliance monitoring.

External Record and Process Management

It makes sense for some companies to transfer some or all of the I-9 processing to an outside vendor. With our years of practical experience, we can manage the process and take a leading role in your I-9 processing. Partnering with your in-house staff, EVRI can start from just a simple review to full daily management. We can assist with sending reverification notices or alerts, purge files, provide copies for government audits (if originals stored at our facility), and more!

With a short consultation, we can help determine the level of support that makes sense for your company. We are ready to:

  • Create a strategic roll-out plan
  • Provide review of completed forms
  • Monitor plan implementation
  • Track correction processing
  • Assure verification of continued work authorization is timely
  • Provide daily, weekly, or monthly activity reports
  • Provide hot-line support to answer technical questions

Working with Counsel

As an unbiased third party, EVRI is pleased to work with your counsel in any phase of establishing a common sense, conservative approach to the Form I-9 compliance plan best for you. EVRI staff has successfully worked with a number of individual attorneys and law firms to solidify company policy and program parameters.