An I-9 audit is one of the best investments you can make to guard against fines and penalties arising from a government inspection. Internal auditing is an important step in demonstrating your good faith efforts to comply.

“Arrange for annual Form I-9 audits by an external auditing firm or a trained employee not otherwise involved in the Form I-9 process.”

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U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Our Auditors will perform a proven step-by-step methodology to determine if your I-9 forms and compliance practices are satisfactory. We offer full or random audits that include the following:

  • An inventory check for missing records.  (to include terminated records if you wish)
  • An in-depth review of your Forms I-9 (plus supporting document copies if attached) for evidence of:
    • Technical/Procedural and Substantive Paperwork violations
    • Review for Undocumented workers (if document copies present)
    • Document Fraud
    • Discriminatory Practices
  • A detailed series of reports including a comprehensive analysis of the overall status, a list of all infractions, and an estimate of potential penalties and fines.
  • Post-audit consultation and mitigation plan options.

All audits are confidential. EVRI does not provide legal advice – EVRI recommends to contact a licensed attorney or firm to assist you.


Consider the level of risk you may be carrying by answering the following questions:

  • Has training been offered in the last year?
  • Are you aware of all the regulatory changes promulgated in the past few months?
  • Are you confident your Form I-9 records will be approved upon inspection?
  • Does your staff know how to detect fraudulent documents?
  • Do you have a standard policy?

Common Topics:

  • Your Company’s initiatives
  • Current internal process for completing and managing I-9s
  • Completing the Form (by Section)
  • Additional training for targeted areas based on a review of I-9s
  • Reverification process
  • Record retention requirements
  • Document forensics
  • Questions and answers

Materials provided.
Recommended group size: 10 attendees per class.


With reduced staff and escalating work companies are looking for cost-effective outsource solutions to allow employees to focus on the company’s primary business goals.

EVRI is committed to providing unsurpassed customer service to help you meet your goals. Our I-9 Form Review Programs are available daily, weekly or monthly. There are only three key elements required for these programs to be a success:

  • A responsive corporate Point Of Contact and local POCs at each location
  • A weekly or monthly list of newly hired and rehired employees as well as terminations
  • A scanned version (pdf) of I-9s and supporting documentation

An EVRI staff member will be assigned to manage your account. Your account representative will provide you with up-to-date reports on the status of the I-9s produced so as to ensure all employees have a valid, error-free Form I-9 on file.

Secondary interaction will involve the POCs to ensure the forms created are error-free and timely processing is occurring. Additionally, all staff members are available to answer any processing questions that may arise.


Your Company Policy and Process plan are the cornerstone of your Compliance Management Program. We can assist you by assessing your current process and present you with recommendations for an improved, successful streamlined solution.