EVRI offers a wide range of Form I-9 services

Safeguarding your company against worksite enforcement is a challenge. The responsibility of I-9 compliance does not rest solely with management. Your staff who participates in new hire and employment practices can be held accountable for civil and criminal penalties. This includes supervisors, managers and employees who have constructive knowledge a fellow employee does not have the legal right to work in the U.S.

EVRI® offers a variety of services to strengthen your company's positioning and reputation for excellence in I-9 Workplace Compliance..


Form I-9 Auditing
An I-9 audit is one of the best investments for assuring Form I-9 compliance.
EVRI can provide detailed or overview audits of your existing Form I-9s and
the Form I-9 processes.

Records and Compliance Management

Records and Compliance Management
Form I-9 process support programs range from basic review to hands-on daily
management, or any level between.

Privacy Policy

Program Customization
EVRI's Privacy Policy.


Form I-9 Training
Form I-9 training is an important aspect of all I-9 compliance programs.
EVRI tailors training to meet your specific compliance goals.

E-Verify® and IMAGE Program Support

Federal Program Support
E-Verify® and IMAGE are voluntary federal programs that helps employers to verify
work eligibility of new employees to guard against hiring undocumented workers.
EVRI is an E-Verify® Employer Agent and can service your E-Verify compliance needs.

Hot-Line Support

Phone Support
EVRI offers phone support staffed by I-9 specialists for technical assistance
on completing the I-9 Form.

Electronic Form Processing

Electronic Processing
EVRI offers electronic completion of new Form I-9s, scanning of existing Form I-9s,
and records management via the Online I-9 service.