Electronic Form Processing

EVRI offers electronic completion of new Form I-9s, scanning of existing Form I-9s, and records management via EVRI’s Online I-9 program.

It is a user-friendly tool that takes the completion of I-9s out of the equation.

How do you feel about leaving your compliance up to an electronic program that cannot distinguish certain errors and acceptable documentation? Take, for example, a hospital birth record. A system has no way of screening this document and refusing it because it is not issued by a federal, state, city, county or municipal authority.

How well do you know if an electronic program is meeting the regulatory guidelines for an audit trail?

Online I-9 is different from most electronic programs. It is a management system that allows us to review the submission of the I-9 and the supporting documentation. This is something a simple electronic processing program cannot do.

Sometimes intellectual knowledge must be combined with electronic tools to make a program work right for you.

For a demonstration, please contact us.